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Back at it again, with a new blog post! This time I want to talk about my favorite drugstore beauty products. All of these finds you can purchase at Target. The Sonia Kashuk makeup sponge and the E.L.F Kabuki brush are not found at Walgreens or CVS, however, these same items can be purchased there, but they will just be a different brand.


First – I want to express my dying love for this (Maybe she’s born with it? Maybe it’s…) MAYBELLINE Master Primer.

I am OBSEEEESSSEEED. I used to never care about wearing face primer, but now that it’s hotter than hell outside here in Florida, two seconds after being in the sun or really just walking into the garage for a minute I am sweating. We all know what sweating does to our makeup. Soon you’re walking around with what looks like nude colored cake icing melting down your face (EW); not cute.

While the primer doesn’t help with my makeup slowly dripping down my face like a melting ice cream, it does keep my makeup in place all day long while I’m at work.

Note: I tend to switch up my makeup sometimes (HA, like A LOT) so I use this product the most when I am wearing powdered makeup. It does work with liquid but since liquid generally sticks to your face, I only use this product on my cheeks so when I take phone calls my makeup isn’t caked to my phone screen instead of my face šŸ™‚


The next product that I am currently obsessing over is the L’OREAL Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation.

Not sure if you noticed but you see that little “24 Hour Foundation” print on the corner..yeah they aren’t kidding! I work 12-hour shifts sometimes, not to mention fallen asleep in my make up (Don’t lie, you’ve done it too) and woken up with my foundation still looking flawless.

I found this product through a fellow blogger, and while I thought to myself, do I really want to try a liquid foundation again? I purchased the product anyway. I have very sensitive skin (No, I’m not the weirdo who’s all OMG I can’t use that product, my skin is too sensitive) so liquid foundation usually makes me break out or sometimes I’ve been known to have an allergic reaction. However, I am always willing to try new products, and I am so happy that I did.

I literally won’t go anywhere (..anywhere important that I might run into someone I know) without it on.

Note: A little bit of this baby goes a long way. I’ve had this tube for over a year and I’m not even halfway done with it.


Next –Ā is the NYX Face and Highlight Duo

So, as of recently, I have been trying out some contour/sculpting of my face. Although I love my Tarte Parkplace Princess contouring palette better, this is my second favorite. I don’t use this product that often, but when I am in a rush (meaning doing my makeup in the car) I use this to give my cheeks and jaw a nice sculpt.


Next – Alright so as I am sure you all know, you can buy makeup sponges just about everywhere and although MOST of them are the same, they are still somewhat different.

I basically bought SONiA KASHUK’sĀ  beauty blender because I liked the way it looked šŸ™‚ Its a black and white marble color (BASIC! but IDC). It’s very soft and blends my make up really well for me. I’ve used a different shape in the past (it looks like a Chess Pawn) but I like this shape much better than anything else. I know some people use a brush to put their foundation on and then switch to a blender to blend (LOL punny) but I use my blender to put my foundation on and blend. It works better for me, and it’s fewer tools to clean each month.


Next – Yes I know who Anastasia Beverly is, and yes I love her products too, but 45$ for a small (more like quarter sized) eyebrow coloring is sort of breaking my bank sometimes. Not to mention the one time I did purchase it, it dried up so quickly that it’s not even usable now.

ANYWAYS, I started using NYX’s Micro Brow Pencil about a year ago as well, and although they do not last very long (if your someone like me who does their eyebrows DAILY) and cost 10$ a pop, I promise it works exactly like the Anastasia pencils and coloring. Not to mention it comes with a brush on the end which if you have fake eyelashes (like myself) and you can’t find your spoiley brush, it works as a sub! šŸ˜‰

Next – So I love this brush, and just to let you all know after I put on my foundation but before I contour, I like to use a little bit of bronzer. I haven’t been able to find a drugstore bronzer that I love (they all seem too light for my complexion or some are just too dark) so I use another product that is expensive and is not found in a drug store. But besides that, I use this brush to apply my bronzer.

I’ve actually been buying E.L.F’s products since before I found out what the acronym stood for ( -__- ). I have used a lot of different Kabuki brushes in my life, so when you find a good one, you don’t let her go. E.L.F’s Kabuki Brush is so soft and so nice, it picks up the bronzer very easily so I am not spending minutes rubbing my brush into my bronzer so forcefully that it ends up breaking up the compact. LOVE LOVE LOVE and SUPER RECOMMEND!


Next – Okay, so I have a confession to make (not really, it’s well known) I have… eyelash extensions. I know, I know, your surprised, aren’t you? Now that the cat is out of the bag since I have the extensions I do not use mascara. However, in the past I have found my favorite and although, again this is another product that isn’t found in a drug store (*COUGH COUGH* BETTER THAN SEX) I do have a back up.

My natural eyelashes are pretty long, but I like something that makes them look bolder and, so I use Wet N Wild’s Mega Volume mascara. Not to mention it’s only $2.99! You usually have to do a couple of applications so don’t be discouraged if at first, your lashes aren’t what you want them to be (be patient young grasshopper).

Finally – So, I know everyone has been on this Neutrogena kick and posting about their products like every other day, but there is a reason behind this. Their products really do work. As stated before I have sensitive skin so I’ve been using Neutrogena for years before they even came out with a makeup line. This is by far my favorite makeup product they carry and its the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Lip Shine!

When I say I am not a lipgloss girl, I mean it. I love lipsticks (obviously since it’s the name of my blog) so when I originally saw this product I was not eager to purchase it. After seeing reviews and other bloggers on my Instagram raving about how great it is, I decided to purchase it.

In addition to not being a lipgloss girl, I am not a baby pink color anything except clothing person. I don’t have a single pink lipstick. When I went to purchase this lipgloss I didn’t really like the idea of purchasing it away and then the color options were scarce so I closed my eyes and picked one (yes, literally).

I tried this gloss as soon as I got to my car and instantly liked it. It wasn’t too pink to where I looked like Baby Spice, but it was enough to hint at a color on my lips. My lips are either chapped or rigged (that look that they get when they’re begging for you to drink some damn water) and this product hydrates my lips so if I don’t have access to water, (i.e. I am late for something and can’t stop at the store) this is my go-to product.


I hope you guys enjoyed reading all about my favorite drugstore products! If you have any questions or suggestions about these products or other products feel free to comment šŸ™‚



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